Campfire 4.5 Qrt Camp Oven

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The Campfire 4.5 QT pre-seasoned camp over is extremely efficient with a high density cast iron that increases the Camp Oven's ability to retain and spread the heat evenly. The pre-seasoned finish includes polishing the freshly cast iron surfaces, followed by shot blasting with sand to prepare for the oven baked vegetable oil coating at over 4500°C. This creates a protective surface that will withstand higher temperatures without food sticking and resits water entry into the iron, which in turn reduces surface corrosion. This ready to use camp oven is perfect to take camping or touring.



  • Deep base and thick walls allow for uniform heat distribution
  • Ideal even heat cooking with concave lid designed for hot coal storage
  • Secure coil handle grip to reduce heat transfer when away from a direct heat source
  • Simply rinse clean and dry after purchase then you are ready to cook


Approximate dimensions: 27 cm x 27 cm x 10 cm

Capacity: 4.5QT (Approximately 4.25L)