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Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 14

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Hobie Pro Angler 14 is the perfect craft for the keen fisherman. Dont miss out on the hot bite this summer. Get on the water in with this discounted 2015 model craft.





Feature Brand

One Planet is a company founded on passion. One Planet is passionate about their products, our people and our planet.

In the Melbourne factory, one planet produce world-class gear, specialising in rucksacks, sleeping bags and tents for the travel and outdoor adventure markets. The philosophy is simple: make it good, make it work, make it last Manufacturing outdoor gear for more than 30 years, both products and the company have continually evolved.

With over 30 years of design and production experience One Planet continue to craft high quality gear for adventures in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. We know what works, especially when it counts and the simplicity of the products belies the complex design principles which underpin them. These products are built to last: the philosophy of over-engineering is matched by the durability of materials and construction methods.

To this end One Planet products are designed and developed locally, allowing small changes to evolve into continually improving products. One Planet will not accept ‘close enough is good enough’ instead they are passionate about getting it right.

Allow a One Planet Product to join you on your next adventure.


BUNYIPS stock a range of One Planet products.

Sleeping Bags

Down: Bungle -7, Bungle -4Bungle -10, Robin Hoodless 
Synthetic: Sac -1, Sac -5, Sac -8

Day: One Planet Hitchhiker 20L
Hike: One Planet Styx 70L

Travel: One Planet Ned 70L


Boot: One Planet Cobbler Boot

Shoe: One Planet Koonika