Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit

Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
  • Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
  • Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
  • Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
  • Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
  • Primus 200w Solar Mat Kit
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Need to power a large portable fridge and/or lots of electrical equipment? We've got you covered with the Primus 200 Watt Solar Mat Kit. Use the power of the sun to run all your electrical equipment for FREE! 

This lightweight and compact solar mat kit is a quarter of the size and weight of regular folding panels, but don’t let the size fool you this solar mat kit utilises Sunpower™ C60 cellswhich produce up to 30% more power than conventional solar cells. 

Forget about a noisy generator, this Primus solar mat kit is smaller, lighter, makes no noise and requires no fuel. With a carry case included this solar mat kit is one of the most portable solar panels on the market. This portability coupled with enough power to run your large portable fridge, lighting and other electronic devices makes the Primus 200 watt solar mat kit the number one choice for camping. 

What Makes Primus Solar Mats More Efficient? 

Primus Solar Mats utilise Sunpower™ C60 cells which have achieved unrivalled efficiency by moving the ‘Busbar’ grid lines to the back of the cells providing an uninterrupted all black surface to absorb more light than conventional solar panels. The Sunpower™ C60 cells are also built on a solid copper backing making the cell virtually impervious to corrosion and cracking. Couple the Sunpower™ C60cells with the Primus advanced technology 15A Digital Smart Charge Controller you get a power source solution that will give you years of trouble-free performance. 


Solar Mat Features:

  • 22.5% highly efficient SunPower monocrystalline C60 Solar Cells
  • 10 x 20w panels, utilizing six SunPower cells per panel
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Heavy duty 900D outer material
  • Carry handle with non-slip rubber grip
  • 12v DC digital, 5 Stage 15 A PWM (pulse width modulated) weatherproof controller
  • 50 A heavy duty anderson style plugs
  • 5m extension lead - twin core, 3.31 mm2 with UV stableouter sheath
  • 0.8m extension lead with battery clamps
  • Very easy to setup and use
  • Everything needed to charge your battery is included in the kit, except the sun


Solar Mat Secifications:

  • Cell make: SunPro Maxeon C60
  • Cell type: Monocrystalline silicone
  • Cell Efficiency: 22.5%
  • Cell Qty and panel quantity: 60 cells & 10 x 200w panels
  • Normal operating cell temp (NOCT): 46o +2o
  • Maximum system voltage 700v
  • Standard test conditions: AM=1.5, 25oC, 1000W/m2
  • Max series fuse rating: 7 A
  • Dimensions (Folded): 30L x 41W x 4H cm
  • Dimensions (Opened): 155L x 82W cm
  • Weight: 6kgs

Solar Mat Kit Includes:

  • Solar Mat
  • 50A heavy duty Anderson plugs
  • 5m twin core extension lead
  • 0.8m extension lead with battery clamps
  • Smart Charge Controller


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